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Hosting An Outdoor Christmas Party

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Want to make this year’s Christmas party extra special? Why not host it outdoors! Australia has some of the most beautiful weather and why not enjoy it with your friends and family during this amazing time of year. From food to Brisbane portable bathrooms here are some ideas that might help you!


Though having fun in the sun is a great idea it is important to make sure that your guests have shelter. Whether this is a marquee or your very own patio keeping your guests out of the sun and rain will ensure your party goes off without a hitch.

If you are hosting an event in the evening having some form of shelter also gives you opportunities to hang Christmas lights and provide other forms of lighting. You can also add decorations to set the theme for your party.


Food is another important factor you need to consider for your party. Making a roast or seafood buffet will always win hearts but if you don’t want to splash on the cash you can always opt for finger food and tasty treats to get you by. Just don’t forget the Christmas pudding!


No matter where you are having your event it is your responsibility as a host to make sure your guests can arrive and return safely from the party. You can organise for different guests to car pull or make sure they can take a taxi or Uber home if you plan to supply alcohol.

If your party is in a remote location or you have a large number of people organizing a bus can be a great idea. The trip can be a great way to build anticipation and make your guests even more excited for what you have in store!


Some think that hosting an outdoor event has its limitations especially when it comes to facilities. However, we are able to change that with our portable toilets and Brisbane portable bathrooms. Our services ensure that you can host your event where you want while keeping your guests comfortable.

We also have shade, lighting and privacy screen options so you can make your Christmas party the best one yet. If you would like to hire our Brisbane portable bathrooms or toilets contact us today on 1800 367 848.

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