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Organising A Corporate Christmas Event

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Hosting a corporate Christmas event is a big undertaking whether you are a large or small business. Everything is riding on you succeeding on the big day while your fellow employees eagerly await what you have organised.


Location should be the first thing to consider when planning your corporate Christmas event. Should you host it indoors or make it something special this year with an outdoors event? If you are considering hosting your event outside we have the Brisbane portable toilet facilities to accommodate your guests. So there is no need to be shy!

The location you choose for your event should be easy for everyone to get to while being appealing. If possible it should also fit with the theme of your event. So, if you decide to host a beach Christmas themed event choosing a location near the water or a beach can make it more interesting for your guests. 

Theme and entertainment 

Theme is just as important as location as it sets the mood for your event. The theme will also determine the entertainment you choose. If it is a very formal event you may want formal entertainment whereas if your event is a bit more free spirited you will want something to liven up your guests.

There are many different themes you can choose for a corporate Christmas event. These include a beach party theme, winter wonderland, santa’s workshop and a Christmas masquerade ball. Whatever you choose make sure it ties in with your business.


Organising facilities for your guests is of the utmost importance after choosing your theme and location. It is important to make sure you have enough food and drinks for your guests, enough seating, a shaded area if you plan to be outside and appropriate toilet facilities.

If you are hosting an outdoor event we have portable toilet and bathroom options which will make your guests comfortable. With delivery and setup included it is the best solution for a corporate Christmas event.

To hire Brisbane portable toilet and bathroom options contact us today on 1800 367 848.

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