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Hiring Portable Toilets And Bathrooms Under Insurance

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It is never a good thing when your home is damaged or destroyed. That’s why it is important to have the right home insurance for you and your family so you aren’t struggling when you need help the most. One way to help your family during this time is to hire portable toilets or bathrooms.

When would I need to hire portable toilets under insurance? 

When your home is unlivable or your bathroom is unable to be used is the best time to hire portable toilets and bathrooms. This can be when your bathroom pipes have burst making it unsafe or if your home has been destroyed by a natural disaster such as a fire or flood.

If you can’t leave your property for any reason portable toilets are able to help you stay comfortable while you focus on repairing your home. They can be claimed as temporary accommodation and may be a more viable option than moving your whole family to a rental or hotel. 

How long will I need the portable toilets? 

Depending on the damage to your home will depend on the amount of time you will need your portable toilet hire for. If your bathroom is the only part of your home that is affected you may only need your hire for a week or two until it is fixed.

If your home has been completely destroyed and you need to build it from the ground up you may need your portable toilet hire for up to a year. Claiming portable toilet hire in either case can save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Will my insurance allow me to claim the portable toilets? 

You will be able to claim portable toilet and bathroom hire depending on your insurance policy. It should come under the temporary accommodation area of your policy but it is important to double check if you can claim and are covered.

Having enough insurance for when you need it most is very important to keep your family out of strife. If you are under insured then your policy won’t be able to cover all that you need it to. Therefore you are better off insuring the right amount or over insuring just to be safe.

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