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Hire a Portable Bathroom Under Your Insurance


Sometimes bad things happen. Whether it be acts of nature such as storms, flooding, or water damage, these difficult situations are only made worse by the difficulty of relocating you and your family as you deal with the aftermath.

But you don’t have to. Make it easier on yourself with a portable bathroom, covered by your insurance provider!

If an unfortunate event happens and you’re left with the tedious task of calling your insurer, make sure you enquire about the hire of a temporary bathroom. Most providers should offer you this benefit if you have been displaced due to acts of nature. Claim for both commercial and residential renovations and enjoy a temporary bathroom in the comfort of your own home.

Why would you need to hire a portable bathroom under insurance?

When your home has been damaged and your bathroom pipes have been destroyed, now is the best time to hire a portable bathroom or toilet. If you can’t or don’t want to leave your property during the repairs, a portable bathroom allows you to stay comfortable whilst you oversee the renovation. Our luxury portable bathrooms can be claimed as temporary accommodation and can be a more viable option than moving your whole family to a rental or hotel.

Stay at home and oversee the repairs instead of seeking temporary relocation.

Ask for Ensuites On Tow by name. Especially if you are making a claim for repairs to your bathroom, house, commercial property or other dwelling. We have a wide range of luxury rentals products that will keep you throughout the renovation. Disruptions will be minimised with an easy to access portable bathroom for your day-to-day living while repairs are being done.

Let your insurance cover the cost whilst we personalise our service to you for easy relief during a tough time. 

We provide exceptional service that benefits both our clients and their insurance providers. With competitive costs that include efficient delivery, set up, and installation, as well as efficient clean up and waste management, our portable bathrooms are the ideal fit for any situation and budget.

Know you’re taken care of with an Australian owned, operated and trusted brand name that works in tandem with your insurer to seek easy solutions. 

Australians have very high standards when it comes to the products we use and consume. As a result, it makes sense that the best quality products are created and manufactured by our local businesses and fellow Australians. When you buy Australian-made products, you know what you are getting, which is great quality! And when you buy and rent locally, you know that you’re supporting an industry leading business that is committed to quality and comfort.

How can you claim a portable bathroom through your insurance?

You will be able to claim portable toilet and bathroom hire depending on your insurance policy. It should come under the temporary accommodation area of your policy, but it is important to double check that you can claim and are covered by your insurance provider.

Claiming portable toilet hire not only allows you the relief of staying home to oversee repairs but can save you a lot of money in the long run. Contact us today for more information on our portable hire options.

About Ensuites On Tow

Ensuites on Tow’s award winning luxury portable bathrooms, toilets and hot showers have been specially designed to ensure you, your family and/or guests enjoy the convenience, comfort and safety of a clean, hygienic, fully appointed portable bathroom.

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