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The Top 5 Things to Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom

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Renovating your bathroom is a major decision and it can be very exciting dreaming about what your new bathroom will look like, but before you begin there are a few things to consider first.

Read on to find out what planning is required to minimise downtime and ensure your new renovation runs smoothly.

1. Have Your Contractors Lined Up
First things first, you must have your contractors lined up. Bathroom renovations require several different professionals, ranging from plumbers and tilers to designers and electricians.

Don’t wait until after you start construction to start looking for a plumber or an electrician – this will only delay the completion of the project! Instead, research and interview all potential contractors beforehand so you have an idea of their timeline and the expense.

Also, by doing so, you will have a better idea about the order the contractors need to be organised in and precisely when they will be needed on site.

2. Consider the Functionality and Layout
As you get started with the design for your bathroom renovation, it can be easy to get caught up with different options you’ve seen online (Pinterest – we’re talking about you!). But, you really do need to spend some time considering the functionality and layout of the space as well as the aesthetics.

Sure, modern décor and unique vanities may look appealing, but it needs to be functional and these might not work so well for the little people in your home so think about how you will use the bathroom in your daily life. For example, do you really need a giant bathtub, or would it make more sense to have a spacious walk-in shower?

Carefully make these decisions because you don’t want to end up with a beautiful bathroom that you can’t actually use!

3. Don’t Overlook the Details
Although the layout and functionality of your bathroom are essential, the small details are just as important.

Think about the shape of the sink you are selecting and the height of the vanity it will sit on. What about the location of the lighting, the tap, and other relevant accessories? Which colour scheme will you choose, and how will you incorporate that into the tiling and fixtures?

Getting these details right will make your bathroom functional and allow you to get the most out of your bathroom renovation within your budget. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking them, since it will be more difficult to arrange things after the fact!

4. Get the Wiring Right
Getting the wiring right for your bathroom renovation is an additional consideration. You may decide to rearrange the entire space, such as moving the location of the shower or the vanity. If this is the case, you will need the help of an experienced and professional electrician.

For example, a brand-new vanity won’t be of much use without adequate lighting. Therefore, if you intend to move fixed items in your bathroom around, you will likely need to update the lighting accordingly.

5. Hire a Luxury Bathroom
You will likely be unable to access the bathroom in your home while it’s under construction, and even if you plan everything in detail, there is always a risk of delays. Remember to order your luxury bathroom from Ensuites On Tow early, to make sure your comfort is taken care of during the renovation process.

Our luxury bathrooms are a convenient alternative for any bathroom remodel!

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