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7 Reasons you need luxury portable toilets at your event.

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A special event is something most people have played a part in planning or hosting at some point in their lives. Big life events are momentous occasions to celebrate and share joy with those nearest and dearest to us. So, it’s not surprising that with planning comes an element of apprehension. It has to be perfect, and everyone needs to have fun for happy memories to be made.
But did you stop and think about how the quality of your toilet facilities can impact your guests’ overall experience? We’ve created a list of eight reasons you need to include beautiful, luxurious portable toilet hire at your next big event.

1. Comfort is everything
It’s essential to consider the dress code for the event and remember many guests may be wearing their Sunday best. They won’t feel very comfortable using dark, cramped facilities that may be hard to navigate in formal attire. Our luxury portable bathrooms are spacious, allowing guests to be in and out in a flash without missing a beat.

2. Oooh not Ewww
Clean bathrooms are a pleasure to use. We’ve all experienced the utter horror of poorly maintained public restrooms where everything you touch feels like it comes with its own disease. Two stall luxury toilet trailers are beautifully maintained, brightly lit and cleaned thoroughly.

3. It’s a social hang out
This may be an odd one to men, but the world of the woman’s loo is where the spirit of sisterhood blossoms from bud to full rose. Any woman reading this will know that there are social ice breakers, and then there’s sharing a mirror with another female, a couple of proseccos deep and flattering each other’s outfits. The ice hasn’t broken; it’s globally warmed. It’s cliché, but the unspoken etiquette of the female toilets is one many ladies hold dear to their hearts. Providing your guests with enough room and lighting to share the mirror and convene in a safe space can often be the make or break of an event for many.

4. Need to be easy to use
This is a straightforward one. Going to the toilet is not a complicated matter. So please don’t make it. Providing your guests with luxury toilet trailers that are easily accessible and universally functional is essential. You can rest assured our luxury portable toilets will be correctly installed and ready to use when your guests arrive.

5. No bad smells
When you think of portable toilets, do you think about that pong? You’d be forgiven for it if you did. Most of us have had enough ‘experiences’ with old portaloos to be off them for life. But luxury portable toilet hire Brisbane has facilities so clean and ventilated, it’s just like using an inbuilt toilet. Our hands-free pedal flush system also effectively cleans away waste and eliminates any hanging odours. Happy days!

6. Happy guests = Happy event
What would you rather your guests say? “I’ll be right back. I’m just nipping to the loo”, or “I’ve got to go to the loo, wish me luck!”. We don’t even need to guess your answer. Happy guests are key to a wonderfully successful event. By providing them with a luxury portable toilet or VIP bathroom, you guarantee the toilets are the talk of the party for all the right reasons and remain an elegant and hygienic essential provision.

7. Make guests feel important
A big statement, but it could not be more accurate. Putting careful thought into the comfort of your guests tells them you care about them and they are important to you. Nearly everyone will use the toilet at an event, and if they are underwhelming and plain, it could contrast with your event and make guests feel like their most basic needs are overlooked.

Luxury portable toilets Brisbane have thought of everything toilet-related, so you don’t have to. If you are planning an event, call us and let us help you take care of your guests and give your events facilities the wow factor guests will remember for all the right reasons.

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