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Our 2 Stall Luxury Toilet Suites Are Off to the Races

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Brisbane and Australia in general is known for hosting some of the biggest and grandest horse races ever seen, and now you can hire luxury toilet trailers instead of bearing with the basic porta-loos that are so common at events.

Going to the races is about more than just betting on which horse is going to win though, and anyone who has been to the races anywhere in Australia knows that it is also about all of the finer things in life. Quality food is everywhere, everyone is dressed in their absolute best, celebrities can be seen in the crowds, and the party is truly underway before the races even start.

This also makes going to the races particularly effective for corporate events, combining a fun party atmosphere with the class and formality of such a major event, allowing everyone to not only network but to let their hair down and boost team and employee morale.

Luckily, racegoers can now choose corporate and luxury toilet hire options from our team at Ensuites On Tow for special corporate events. With corporate toilet hire, anyone attending corporate events with a day at the races can relax knowing they have their own exclusive toilet facility built with luxury in mind.

With so much happening at the races, it is extremely important that nothing gets in the way of enjoying the day and making the most of the well-dressed atmosphere. One of the things that can dampen spirits is, however, uncomfortable and cramped toilet facilities that are not pleasant to use and have long lines of people waiting. When every other aspect of race day is imbued with class and sophistication, it makes sense that the toilet facilities match and don’t get in the way of a quality experience.

If you are an event organizer or have been a part of a corporate event, you will know that it is quite common for event organisers to focus on providing additional luxuries at the races, from large and elaborate marquees to full catering services providing everyone attending the corporate event with the best food and alcohol.

Waitstaff and bartenders are also normally on hand to ensure that everyone’s needs are met for the special day. With all of this attention to detail and creating great service, it only makes sense that luxury toilet trailers are also bought in for continuity so that nothing can break the magic of race day.

With these, everyone attending a corporate event at one of the many race days anywhere in Australia will have access to more than a basic porta-loo. A more spacious design allows everyone to relax properly without feeling cramped in a tiny space while the vanity area provides a large enough surface for ladies to adjust their makeup in the mirror, without having to constantly shuffle through everything in their bag.

The combination of a real flushing toilet with a high-capacity fan ensures that odours don’t have a chance to linger at all, while every trailer is equipped with both interior and exterior lighting. All of this is wrapped up with some of the most stylish interior designs for the ultimate luxury bathroom experience that not only keeps everyone clean, happy, and in upbeat spirits, but is good for the environment since harsh chemicals are not used for flushing and storing waste.

If you are planning a corporate event or any other type of event at the races anywhere in Australia, then it is going to be a good idea to hire our 2 stall luxury toilet suites or any of our other toilet trailer options, so that everyone in your group has access to an exclusive, luxurious, and hygienic portable toilet system that matches the atmosphere of the day.

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Ensuites on Tow’s award winning luxury portable bathrooms, toilets and hot showers have been specially designed to ensure you, your family and/or guests enjoy the convenience, comfort and safety of a clean, hygienic, fully appointed portable bathroom.

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