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4 Best Bathroom Renovation Hacks | Luxury Portable Bathrooms

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They say that the three most stressful life events you can experience are moving house, getting married, and getting divorced. While it might not make the official list, living through a bathroom renovation isn’t exactly a walk in the park either. After all, it’s the one room in the house you can’t live without.

But luckily, there are plenty of ways to speed up the process and minimise inconvenience. The following four bathroom renovation hacks will keep your project on track and have you soaking in your new tub in no time.

1.  Get an electrician involved early

Australia has strict protocols around electrical outlet and light switch placements within bathrooms. Involving an electrician early in your renovation planning will ensure that your new space is up to code and you’re not missing out on those elusive bathroom outlets. (They’ll also be able to advise on the correct placement of overhead lighting, so you don’t end up shaving in the dark!)

Without careful planning and communication between contractors, it’s easy for renovation timelines to run over. Bringing in a trusted electrician before a project starts helps to keep things on track. Knowing your requirements and timeline, they can make sure there’s space in their schedule to complete the work. The last thing you want is a shiny new bathroom fitted but a one month wait for the electrics.

2.  Choose all sanitaryware before work starts

If you’re waiting for the toilet of your dreams to go into the sale, hold off on your renovation. Choosing all your sanitaryware (toilet, sink, bathtub, shower, etc) before any plastering or tiling begins ensures that all the necessary pipes and hookups will be in the right place.

While we’re on the topic of pipes, avoid layout changes and make use of the existing plumbing connections if you’re looking to keep costs down. And, once work has started, don’t change the agreed-upon plans unless you’re prepared to both wait and pay for the privilege.

3.  Check material suitability

The bathroom is one of the most used spaces in the house. When it comes to choosing brassware (taps, plugs, etc.), don’t skimp on quality — it needs to be robust enough to withstand daily use and preferably easy to clean.

For all other materials, make sure they’re suitable for use in the bathroom. Porcelain, glass, natural stone, cement, and subway tiles are popular options that can withstand the humidity.  When it comes to paint, it’s a good idea to go for a waterproof option, even if it won’t come into direct contact with water.

4.  Luxury portable bathrooms

Rarely do renovations run to schedule. Even with the most careful planning and expert tradespeople, something usually comes up, turning a Friday finish into a some-time-next week finish.

Unless you’re on excellent terms with neighbours, popping round every few hours to use the loo isn’t exactly ideal. Neither is having to head to the gym every day just to shower — you run the risk of being guilt-tripped into working out, and who wants that?

Hiring a portable bathroom — or a portable hot shower and toilet if you’re on a budget — takes the stress out of bathroom renovations. A person can handle anything if they’re freshly showered, and the luxury portable bathrooms from Ensuites On Tow will ensure you’re ready for even the toughest challenge.

As Brisbane’s leading portable toilet and luxury portable bathrooms for hire, it’s less “smelly port-a-loo from your festival-going days” and more “hot showers, dual flushing toilets, and spaces so nice you’ll wonder why you didn’t use this as design inspiration for the remodel.”

Serving Queensland, Cairns, NSW, Victoria, and South Australia, wherever you’re renovating, Ensuites On Tow can provide luxury portable bathrooms. Call us today to find out how we can help take the stress out of your next renovation.

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Ensuites on Tow’s award winning luxury portable bathrooms, toilets and hot showers have been specially designed to ensure you, your family and/or guests enjoy the convenience, comfort and safety of a clean, hygienic, fully appointed portable bathroom.

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