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How to stay safe during flood season in Brisbane

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It’s that time of year again! The wet season is just around the corner in Queensland and with it, those ferocious storms that can cause so much damage and flooding.

Staying safe during a storm is paramount. This often involves following common sense advice such as making sure your mobile phone is fully charged and owning a pair of solid, rubber boots so you can get around once the rain is done.

Refreshing your mind around best practices is never a bad idea. Reviewing some “must do” things can go far in making sure you stay safe and secure once a storm starts.

So, what’s the best thing you can do before, during, and after a flood to stay safe? Here are a few of our favourite tips gathered from ourselves, the Brisbane City Council and the Queensland government.

Prepare your property for storms to reduce damage
Before a storm hits, clear things away. Trim the branches of any trees so they’re not close to your home. Make sure your gutters are clean. Secure loose objects in your yard such as patio furniture, and make sure that everything is put away. This means no bicycles in the driveway or toys on the lawn- the wind loves these!

Get an emergency kit ready
Always have your kit ready. It should include a portable battery operated radio, a torch and spare batteries, candles, matches, fresh water, canned food, and first aid materials. It’s also a good idea to include any medication you’re on, rubber gloves, a car charger for your phone. Write down a list of emergency contact numbers on paper as well. The internet may be out.

 Disconnect your appliances
To avoid damage from power surges listen to your portable radio and disconnect all your appliances. Stay away from your windows in case the wind causes damage. If you’re outside, don’t stand under a tree as lightning could strike!

Drive according to the weather
If you find yourself on the road when a storm hits, slow down. Keep double the distance between you and the car ahead. Beware of flash floods and possible sudden landslides, and most importantly, never attempt to drive across a flooded road.

Keep your shoes and boots on
Of course, after a storm hits, there can be a lot of clean up to do. Stay safe by wearing boots and shoes. This is important! Avoid wading in floodwaters as they can be very dirty. When the rain hits sewage can overflow, as well as waste from farms and industries. This means flood waters can be really dangerous to your health. By entering them unprotected you risk becoming infected, so stay out, and if you must enter, only do so with the right footwear on.

Hire one of our luxury toilets if your own fails
 Last but not least, at the bare minimum, you need your basic necessities covered after a storm. Is your toilet out? If flood waters have damaged your home and the toilet and shower no longer works, ask your insurance to provide you with a temporary fix. Emergency portable bathroom hire under your home insurance is a possibility. Does your home insurance cover bathroom hire? Just ask. Chances are good it does!

At Ensuite On Tow, our emergency portable bathroom hire can provide you with a quality bathroom solution and even a shower. Bathroom hire on your home insurance can really save the day and allow you to have the facilities you need while you have your repairs completed.

The locals know it best: thousands of people and their homes have been affected by flooding in Brisbane. Major rainfall in Queensland results in considerable damage and insurance can cover some significant portions. Find out what coverage you have and stay safe.

Contact us now to learn more about bathroom hire covered by home insurance. We are here for your emergency needs and always happy to help!

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