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Our Tips For Celebrating Christmas in the Aussie Backyard

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Celebrating Christmas together with friends and family provides you with a cherished moment to spend time reflecting on your year, enjoying the festivities, and generally having a lot of fun. Everyone looks forward to attending an excellent party to mark the season!

With the pandemic, you might be regretfully feeling the need to forego your group celebrations altogether this year. Restrictions are coming down now, but it wasn’t that long ago that we were all stuck in lockdown hoping for the best. The good news is that, with the proper planning and facilities, you don’t have to! By taking things outside, you can have your Christmas cake and eat it too-it’s that simple.

So, how can you make your backyard Christmas celebration one to remember? Here are our top 5 tips for keeping it festive.

Have a Quality Sound System
Nothing sets the tone like festive music. Having a sound system for your backyard Christmas party allows you to easily create the atmosphere you want. It also allows you to make speeches that mark the moment. At Ensuites on Tow, our luxury toilets come with an internal sound system. This means you and your guests can stay connected to the action at all times!

Decorate the Outdoors
Set the mood with outdoor holiday decorations big and small. Decorated Christmas trees, festive greenery, and outdoor holiday scenes can add both beauty and fun to your backyard. Our luxury toilets come with modern, stylish interiors to which you can add a bit of your own holiday flare, if you choose! Your guests will appreciate the high quality design of portable suites that feel just like an indoor home.

Make Use of Outdoor Lighting
 Our luxury toilets for hire come with contemporary indoor lighting that makes our facilities easy to use and navigate while adding a beautiful look. On the outside, LED indicators light up in the dark to let your guests know when a unit is occupied. No embarrassing knocking or disturbances! Lights also illuminate our luxury toilets on the outside making them safe to use in the dark.

What about holiday lighting? When it comes to Christmas lights, these can never be too much! Your guests will appreciate a full, joyful display. Lights really do make Christmas so special! Go all out to create an outdoor event that won’t soon be forgotten. Decorate your fences, trees, bushes, and other fixtures with colour to light up the day and night.

Keep everyone safe with plenty of sanitiser placed strategically around your property. Experts recommend having some available wherever food is being served, and of course, inside your facilities. Our toilets come with a vanity around the sink that allows sanitiser to easily be placed right where you need it. We also provide a hands-free pedal flush system that keeps things clean over the length of your celebration.

Hot? Hire a Commercial Misting System
With the warmer weather, you want to be sure your guests can stay comfortable and looked after. Our luxury toilets come with complete ducted air conditioning for guaranteed comfort. This keeps the air inside fresh, cool, and pleasing.

When it comes to other needs, tents can go a long way in providing your guests with that coveted shade. It can also be a great idea to hire a commercial misting system to be placed in a quiet corner to offer visitors the opportunity to cool down even further.

Make your backyard holiday celebrations unforgettable and worry-free. Give your guests the best in luxury toilets and avoid the hassle of having visitors travel in and out of your home when nature calls. A luxury toilet trailer hire can make your event special with an added touch of extra personal care that goes a long way.

We’re the leading providers of Brisbane toilet trailer hire. Contact us now for a free quote or to find out more about our luxury toilet trailers!

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