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Best Autumn Wedding Ideas Ever!

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Autumn is a beautiful time for a wedding in Brisbane. With the summer fading and the trees turning colours, the rich glow surrounding the landscape can create a distinct atmosphere that can be difficult to pass up.

Outdoor temperatures are generally more comfortable. This allows for not only your wedding party, but also your guests, to feel at ease throughout your entire big day, and not just while catching a moment of relief in the shade or inside an air-conditioned building.

So, how can you maximise your autumn wedding for a beautifully unforgettable day? Here are our six top tips.

Hold your wedding in a natural environment
Having your wedding ceremony and celebrations outside in autumn allows you to take advantage of the sumptuous beauty of nature blossoming at this time of year. Locations like European style homesteads and historic mansions can be perfect for setting a tone of relaxed yet elegant reflection.

The passion for vineyards can also lead to a gorgeous wedding backdrop. For a truly lush atmosphere, consider hiring space in notable public gardens, if only for your wedding photographs. These locations can present stunning photo opts!

Go for rich colours
Take the opportunity to veer away from the traditional wedding white into deep and rich colours that match the season. Think alluring shades of burgundy, red, and gold. You might also choose to decorate using whimsical symbols commonly associated with autumn such as golden leaves, grapes, and shining apples.

Your invigorating colour pallet and theme can stretch as far as you like. Add tinges of bronze and cinnamon sticks to your decorations, adorn your wedding cake in blush orange, and choose flowers with amazing autumn foliage. Some leading varieties for autumn bouquets can include crimson roses, autumn wildflowers, Australian native flowers like snapdragons or waratahs, and tulips in dark burgundy.

Add blackberries and elements like ornamental peppers for texture and flare.

Turn to fall drinks
Beer and wine are perfect for entertaining guests at your wedding, but why not also spice things up? Incorporate spiced wine, apple cider, and autumn-themed cocktails for a variety that matches your choice.

Hire luxury toilets
With any weddings, it’s important you cover all your bases to ensure your guests remain comfortable and have all their needs taken care of. When it comes to outdoor weddings in particular, you want the best in portable toilets. Ensuites on Tow is the leading Brisbane wedding toilet hire for a high-end experience. Your guests will be wowed with outdoor toilets that look just like home. Air-conditioned, tastefully decorated, and with room to move, our luxury wedding toilet hire ensures every aspect of your wedding reflects your taste.

Opt for the best in seasonal produce
Autumn has its fair share of delicious and delectable seasonal produce. Bring it to your guests, front and centre, as a way to celebrate with hearty, joyous food. Some foods you may include are sweet potato fries, rich pumpkin soup, decadent apple pie, slow-cooked beef, roasted game, baby beetroot, and a plentiful cheese platter filled to the brim with choice.

Entertainment and activities
Finally, seasonal activities can also be full of fun to incorporate into your wedding celebrations. Cooler days allow for fun in the not-so-hot sun, inviting pony rides, wagon rides, and silly games like bobbing for apples. Autumn also presents an ideal time of year for a bonfire surrounded by hay bales and sparklers as the sunsets. Make your perfect wedding day!

At Ensuites On Tow, we have the ultimate Brisbane luxury toilet trailer services. Bring elegance to every aspect of your wedding day. Contact us today to learn more!

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