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Key Areas to Consider Before Your Bathroom Renovation


Renovating any part of a house requires a lot of planning before execution begins, and this is even more important with a bathroom renovation. As one of the most expensive renovations done in any Australian home, we are sharing with you some things to consider before embarking on your own bathroom renovation.

Cost of Renovation
Before starting, it’s best to have a budget in mind and to find out how much it will take to renovate your bathroom upfront. This will help you prevent overspending on your renovation, as well as maximise every bit of money spent to the fullest. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the cost of renovation does not exceed 5% of the value of your home.

Style and Design Goals/Ideas
Design ideas for our home renovations usually come from what we have seen in others’ homes or on the internet. Your chosen designs might not be feasible in the space you have at home, which makes it necessary to speak to your builder while planning the design of your new bathroom to be sure your ideas can be implemented. Find out how much space is available, how the bathroom should be structured for better space management, and what features to include. Be certain of the style you would like to implement in the bathroom – modern, traditional, or luxurious? Pick materials that suit the style you have in mind.

Fittings and Fixtures
The fittings and fixtures you install are important in giving the bathroom the look you want. Make sure to consider your budget while deciding on which fixtures to use, so that you don’t overspend. This really is an area where you can scale back your budget but still get the look you want.

The lighting of a bathroom is the final touch for setting the mood and keeping it functional.  While choosing which lighting style is best for your decor (such as hanging a low-light chandelier over the main floor space), it is important to also be practical and keep key areas in the bathroom well lit. For example, the mirror and the vanity should receive maximum lighting as this is the main workstation for a bathroom.

New Technologies That Can Be Installed
Your initial reason for wanting to remodel your bathroom might have been because there was a lot to replace in it. Whatever your reasons are, it is never a bad idea to make your bathroom even more convenient by using new bathroom technologies available. Some newer options are solar heaters, interactive LED mirrors and temperature control, smart showers, voice-controlled lighting, plus lots more. A visit to your local bathroom supplier will offer an array of choices.

Which Contractor to Hire
The building contractor you hire can either make or break your bathroom renovation. Since they are the ones to implement all that has been planned, it is of high priority to hire someone who can deliver what you want on time and on a budget You can ask friends to recommend contractors they’ve hired in the past or find one with good reviews and evidence of their work. Make sure you do your homework thoroughly!

Alternatives to Use During Renovation
People tend to forget that deciding to renovate their bathroom means it will be inaccessible while the renovation lasts, and it can be stressful looking for something at the last minute. We always recommend you call to book your mobile bathroom hire early for the period of time it takes to renovate your bathroom. Everyone deserves access to a clean, private bathroom, even during renovations, and our fully appointed mobile bathrooms will make you feel right at home thanks to their modern décor and comfortable conveniences. Discover more for yourself here!

If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, we hope our tips helped you think about your budget and bathroom styling and offered you a way to stay comfortable during the renovation. At Ensuites On Tow, we offer both short and long term bathroom hire. We’ll deliver, set up and even pick up the unit too after your hire period.

Make your bathroom renovation a success, with our easy to follow tips and mobile bathroom hire from Ensuites On Tow.

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