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Revolutionising Convenience: Introducing the All Access Portable Bathroom

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Imagine a portable bathroom that doesn’t just cater to basic needs but redefines the very notion of accessibility and convenience for everyone. Ensuites On Tow has done just that by recently introducing the All Access Portable Bathroom.

This cleverly designed portable bathroom focuses on inclusivity with all the bells and whistles. This latest addition to their fleet represents a shift in the way in which we are altering our services to cater to everyone.

Read on as we look at the features that make the All Access Portable Bathroom a game-changer in the world of portable bathrooms.

Effortless Entry and Comfortable Interior

Very Low Ramp Access with Wide Door Access

Think of a traditional portable bathroom and you’ll think of a high step into a small and cramped (and smelly) space with a narrow door. They are not user-friendly to most of us let alone those who need some extra help. The all access portable bathroom raises the bar starting at its entry with a very low ramp access and a wide door. This thoughtful design ensures effortless entry for those with varying mobility needs. Once inside, guests are greeted with a fully insulated and generous space. This offers a comfortable interior temperature regardless if there is a heat wave outside the door.

Safety and Support

Care Shower System and Grab Rails

Ensuites On Tow wanted to ensure this user-friendly bathroom was comfortable for both users and their caregivers. They integrated a Care Shower System that blends safety and comfort seamlessly. Additionally, the bathroom is equipped with a complete set of grab rails, including a drop-down rail that is perfectly positioned to provide users with necessary support and stability.

Tailored Options for Varied Preferences

Gas or Electric Hot Water 

Another impressive feature is the flexibility that this luxury portable toilet offers with a choice of a gas or electric hot water system. This adaptability makes the All Access Portable Bathroom suitable for a wide range of settings and events that can cater to specific site requirements.

Illumination and Safety Features

Ample Lighting and Non-Slip Flooring

Let there be light! This accessible portable toilet ensures safety through plenty of internal and external lighting. This feature ensures there is a well-lit environment even in low-light conditions. Additionally, the flooring of the all access portable bathroom is rated non-slip to offer stability and to help minimise accidents.

Comfort and Functionality

Care Toilet Suite, Care Basin, and Bench Seat

The priority of user comfort is clear with the inclusion of a Care Toilet Suite as well as a Care Basin. These inclusive features are designed for ease of use as well as maintaining high standards of hygiene and functionality. Additionally, the bench seat provides users with extra space and comfort.

Technological Advancements

12-Volt Electric System, Remote Control, and Reversible Extraction Fan

Now let’s talk tech. Ensuites On Tow has included in its inclusive design a 12-volt electric system and a large remote control, alongside a reversible extraction fan. These features continue to improve the functionality and ease of use for every user. The extraction fan is particularly enticing as it removes unwanted smells and increases ventilation.

Ensuites On Tow is renowned in the industry for its luxurious portable bathrooms and the addition of the All Access Portable Bathroom is a welcome to their impressive fleet. Its user-friendly design with a range of innovative features redefines convenience, accessibility, and comfort for everyone.

For more information on how to include this groundbreaking portable bathroom at your next event, or during your renovation, get in touch with the team at Ensuites On Tow today.

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