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All Access Portable Ensuite

The design of our All Access Portable Ensuite has the needs of people with limited mobility at its heart. Ever mindful of official Australian Accessible Standards, we’ve come up with an ensuite that caters for those who may find it challenging to move in relatively small spaces.

We’ve kitted our All Access Portable Ensuites with the very latest in Care fixtures and fittings designed for extra practicality and comfort. The result is a seamless end-to-end guest experience every time.

Available From: Brisbane, QLD

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What to Expect From the All Access Portable Ensuite

It all starts at an entry point fitted with bright lights for dark evenings and night-time. There’s then a very low-rise ramp with easy access further enhanced by an extra wide entrance door. Once inside, we’ve created the usual luxurious ambience that our customers have come to expect from our award-winning Ensuite range.

Again, we’ve paid particular attention to lighting inside to make it as easy as possible for guests to manoeuvre once they’ve entered the ensuite. We’ve then fully insulated the entire facility for added privacy and optimum temperature control. This helps maintain the comfort of guests, especially if they need a little extra time when using the facilities.

You’ll find a modern, top-of-the-range Care shower system. It is complete with a full set of grab handles, including a drop-down rail. These are essentials for those with reduced strength or poor eyesight. They provide extra confidence and stability and help lower the chances of a fall. All flooring has a non-slip rating too for extra security.

The Care toilet suite has special ergonomically designed features to suit the needs of all guests. The seat shape enables easy sideways transfer for those who use wheelchairs. The lid is comfortable to sit on and acts as a backrest when upright.

You’ll also find a bench seat in the All Access Portable Ensuite for the use of carers or users alike. There’s a specially designed Care hand basin and vanity area, too. We want everyone to have equal access to all their hygiene essentials.

You’ll have the option to heat water using either gas or electricity. The All Access Portable Ensuite has a 12-volt electric system. There’s even a super large remote-controlled reversible extraction fan for added freshness and ventilation. And there are two plug-in sockets ideal for charging smartphone devices or for using electric shavers and hairdryers.

We’ve gone to great lengths to listen to the needs of our customers. Many of the features and fittings we’ve included in our All Access Portable Ensuites are a result of the careful research we’ve conducted.

These ensuites are roomy, bright and airy. They’re ideal for all occasions, providing private spaces for those with physical challenges or for anyone who has trouble moving around.

We want everyone to feel safe and secure when using our portable ensuites. We believe that our All Access Portable Ensuite range ticks all the boxes for those who may have any kind of maneuverability challenge in their daily lives.

All Access Portable Bathroom
‘Let’s Take A Look Inside’

We believe in inclusivity when it comes to comfort and security. That’s why we‘ve developed a special All Access Portable Ensuite designed to make personal hygiene pleasurable and safe for everyone.

Easy Access For All
The All Access Portable Ensuite design is ideal for people with limited mobility. You’ll find a low-rise ramp and extra wide door at the point of entry into our All Access Portable Ensuites.

A Full Set of Grab Rails
We’ve installed these for extra security and confidence. We’ve carefully positioned them with user safety in mind.

Extra Bright Lighting
We want to make all the unique fixtures and fittings easily accessible. Bright exterior and interior lights make manoeuvrability a breeze, whatever the time of day.

Spacious Shower
Our roomy showers have easy-to-use mixer taps and handy built-in soap and shampoo recesses for added convenience.

A Home Flush Toilet Facility
The dual flush toilet behaves just like those at home, flushing away waste at the touch of a button. The specially designed toilet seat makes wheelchair transfers more effortless, and the lid acts as a convenient backrest.

Non-Slip Flooring and Care Fixtures
The flooring in our All Access Portable Ensuites has a non-slip rating, and many of the fixtures and fittings are part of the Care range.

Roomy and Well Ventilated
The extra height inside the ensuites and the remote-controlled reversible extraction fan help make these ensuite facilities feel fresh and airy all day long.

All Access Portable Bathroom Hire

Features Include:

  • Very low ramp access with wide door access

  • Gas or electric hot water options

  • Care Basin

  • Fully Insulated

  • Large bright internal and external lighting

  • Bench seat

  • Care Shower System

  • Rated non slip floor

  • 12 volt electric system

  • Care Toilet Suite

  • Large remote control reversible extraction fan

  • Full set of grab rails including drop down rail

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Customer Service Guarantee

Disabled and Easy Access Portable Bathroom Hire Made Simple.
If you have any questions about the All Access Portable Ensuite, please get in touch with one of the team today! We’ll be happy to talk through any bespoke requirements you or your guests may have.
And, remember, all our products come with our full customer service guarantee.

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