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5 Luxury Features For Your Event Toilet Hire

5 Luxury Features For Your Event Toilet Hire

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If you’re an event planner, likely your ultimate goal is to leave a lasting impression while planning logistics to ensure your event runs seamlessly. While there are many decisions to be made when planning, event toilet hire is a priority for keeping your guests comfortable and your event hygienic.

Arranging toilet hire for your event historically isn’t the most glamorous detail to organize but now it can be. Luxury portable bathrooms are changing the portable toilet game. There are certain features that are must-haves, such as air conditioning and high-quality fixtures. However, there are also several features that you didn’t know you needed but that can truly enhance your and your guest’s experience.

Let’s have a look at the five luxury toilet hire features that you didn’t know you even needed.

The Ultimate Guide To Portable Toilets Hire | Toilets On Tow

The Ultimate Guide To Portable Toilets Hire

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The industry of portable toilets has certainly undergone an upgrade in the last 10 years. If you’re hosting a big event, whether it is a festival, wedding, corporate event or a private event like a birthday party, hot and smelly portable toilets are history.

You are now rich with possibility. You know you want to elevate your event with something special and you would like to offer luxurious facilities for your guests. So where do you start? What type of toilets on tow are best for your event? Read on below to learn about what luxurious portable toilets Ensuites On Tow has to offer.

Tips for Hygienic Portable Toilets at Events | Portable Ensuite Hire

Tips for Maintaining Hygienic Portable Toilets at Events

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Hosting an event can be a lot of work and even more so since emerging from the pandemic.  There are a lot of considerations when planning an event but one of the most important considerations is providing adequate and clean facilities for your attendees.

Luxury portable ensuite hire is a fantastic way to not only impress your guests with a luxurious touch to your event but they are also a great way to manage hygiene challenges at events.

Additionally, they are convenient for outdoor events, but keeping them clean and hygienic can be challenging. Below we will share some tips for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of portable toilets during events.

The Christmas Party Must-Have | Luxury Toilet Trailers

The Christmas Party Must-Have

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Party season is just around the corner. Whether it is your private Christmas party at home or an end-of-year corporate event- you have a lot to consider. The usual suspects such as music, food, drinks and tinsel are a given, but have you thought about your toilets? There is nothing quite like a ‘lack of facilities buzz kill’. Ensuring you have enough facilities for your guests is imperative to your successful Christmas party. The good news? Hot and smelly porta-loos are a thing of the past. Read on to learn more about our Luxury Toilet Trailers and how they will save the day and impress your guests.

Ensuites On Tow - Corporate Toilet Hire

Make Your Corporate Event Extra Special with Luxury Toilets

Event HireOrganising EventsPortable Toilets

When you are hosting a corporate event, you’ll have a lot of people on-site, many of whom will be travelling from far and wide to be there.

When planning a corporate event like rewarding employees for their hard work, celebrating a business milestone, networking, team building, or enticing potential clients, you want to make sure your event stands out. From food, decorations, entertainment, and toilets.

What if you are hosting your corporate event outdoors? Well, most corporate events are held outdoors as the mood is relaxing for those in attendance. You’ll have many activities planned for them to do, food, entertainment, and other things to keep them occupied for the duration of their stay. But what about when it’s time for them to use the toilet? Well, it’s best to shop for corporate toilet hire services that will make your guests comfortable.

For your corporate event to be memorable, make it extra special with luxury toilets.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Our Luxury Toilet Trailers

Event HireLuxury Wedding Toilets

Your big outdoor event is coming. You have invited your guests, picked out the right-sized tent, hired your chairs and tables, splurged on the best decorations, and found exactly the right caterer. The last thing on your list is something you actually almost forgot: the toilets! While you know you certainly need them, hiring a bunch of run-of-the-mill portable toilets doesn’t really seem right. Your guests deserve more. We agree. And it’s out there.

At Ensuites On Tow, we have the best in high-end luxury toilet trailers available for hire, exactly for this purpose: to compliment your event. With our toilet trailers, you gain an unforgettable portable toilet experience that may leave you wondering what you ever did without it!

From our special features, to beautiful decor, convenient consumables, and delivery, we have your needs fully covered.

Wedding Toilet Hire Ensuites On Tow

5 Outstanding Wedding Ideas For 2022

Event HireLuxury Wedding Toilets

Planning your wedding day can be invigorating. Deciding on a location, decorations, food, and more can be a time to reflect on what you truly value and wish to create. Wedding planning can be a time to maximise your creativity so that your day reflects your personality at every turn. As a unique moment in time for you, your partner, friends and family, your vision gets to take center stage!
In 2020, nearly 79 thousands marriages were registered in Australia. March was the most popular month to get married in the country, in 2021, followed closely by October.
If you’re looking for the best new trends, here are five fantastic wedding ideas for an outstanding celebration in 2022.

Have a Lounge Area to Relax and Chill
In Queensland, hiring a wedding venue averaged about $8,000 and brides spent about $2000 on wedding dresses in 2021. While a perfect venue and a great dress are necessities, you might also consider investing a bit in extra seating. Keep your guests happy and relaxed with a specifically designated lounge area. If your wedding is indoors, you may set aside and decorate a corner or two with area rugs, chairs, and small tables. This allows your guests to mingle and chat without needing to be on their feet all day or evening, or seated at a dinner table in order to rest.

For outdoor weddings, do the same by providing a covered area similar to that described above, that’s separate from your main seating space. Again, make it relaxed and comfortable. Decorate with fabrics, pillows, and outdoor rugs for a relaxed, luxurious vibe.

Ensuite On Tow -Our Tips For Celebrating Christmas in the Aussie Backyard

Our Tips For Celebrating Christmas in the Aussie Backyard

Event HirePortable Toilets

Celebrating Christmas together with friends and family provides you with a cherished moment to spend time reflecting on your year, enjoying the festivities, and generally having a lot of fun. Everyone looks forward to attending an excellent party to mark the season!

With the pandemic, you might be regretfully feeling the need to forego your group celebrations altogether this year. Restrictions are coming down now, but it wasn’t that long ago that we were all stuck in lockdown hoping for the best. The good news is that, with the proper planning and facilities, you don’t have to! By taking things outside, you can have your Christmas cake and eat it too-it’s that simple.

So, how can you make your backyard Christmas celebration one to remember? Here are our top 5 tips for keeping it festive.

How to stay safe (and comfortable) during flood season in Brisbane Emergency Portable Bathroom Hire Ensuites On Tow

How to stay safe during flood season in Brisbane

Event HirePortable BathroomsPortable Toilets

Your insurance will pay for your ensuite hire, so tell them you want the best!       

It’s that time of year again! The wet season is just around the corner in Queensland and with it, those ferocious storms that can cause so much damage and flooding.

Staying safe during a storm is paramount. This often involves following common sense advice such as making sure your mobile phone is fully charged and owning a pair of solid, rubber boots so you can get around once the rain is done.

Refreshing your mind around best practices is never a bad idea. Reviewing some “must do” things can go far in making sure you stay safe and secure once a storm starts.

So, what’s the best thing you can do before, during, and after a flood to stay safe? Here are a few of our favourite tips gathered from ourselves, the Brisbane City Council and the Queensland government.

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