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Luxury Wedding Toilets

You'll Never Guess What Our Bathrooms Come With
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You’ll Never Guess What Our Bathrooms Come With

You’ll never guess what our bathrooms come with so read on to discover more!

Gone are the days of dodgy portable loos you were scared to use. These days luxury portable bathrooms make the business of doing your “business” a real pleasure.

Whilst you might imagine bathroom hire is just for events like weddings, there are actually many uses and you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for function.

Everything Including The Bathroom Sink
When we say bathroom, we mean bathroom.

Our luxury portable bathrooms have a porcelain basin with a spacious vanity top complete with an LED-lit heated mirror.

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The Benefits of Becoming A Franchisee

Looking for a career change? Ever considered becoming a franchisee? Read on to discover the awesome benefits of setting up your own Ensuites On Tow franchise!

Become Your Own Boss
Perhaps the most compelling reason to open a franchise is that you get to be your own boss. Whether you have always had an entrepreneurial spirit or are looking to make a career change, starting an Ensuites On Tow franchise gives you the opportunity to run your own business.

It offers the best of both worlds because you get access to an existing business plan, with products, services, and an operation platform, but you are still in complete control. You are the business owner, so the franchise’s success is your success!

This means that the opportunities are limitless when it comes to growing your franchise, client base, brand reach, and even compensation. As the franchisee, you can control the day-to-day operations of the business and use your knowledge of the local community to drive your brand.

So, if you have ever wanted to be your own boss and take complete control of a business, now is the perfect time to make a career change and become a franchisee with Ensuites On Tow.

Maximise Work-Life Balance
When you operate your own franchise, you will have the opportunity to maximise your work-life balance. Think about it – if you are your own boss, then you have the power to set your own hours, schedule, and choose the projects you want to work on!

If you have spent time working for a boss, you will understand how frustrating it is to have limited vacation time or to be tied to someone else’s schedule. Or worse, having your boss call you on your day off!

This is not an issue when you’re a franchisee. You will have the opportunity to maximise your work-life balance and enjoy both as you choose.

The Risk is Limited
Starting your own business can be risky, and generally requires you to put the majority of your personal savings at stake. Since your Ensuites On Tow franchise will be backed by a successful company, you can significantly mitigate your financial risk!

For example, many lenders will take the franchisor’s experience – and financial reputation – into account when determining whether to lend you money.

When you compare the financials of becoming a franchisee versus starting from scratch, starting a franchise with Ensuites On Tow has a much lower entry cost. Plus, we will help you every step of the way, so you always have access to expert support.

Brand Equity
As soon as you get up and running, you get instant access to our brand equity. We are one of the most trusted franchises in Australia, so your new business will have built-in credibility and brand recognition.

Similarly, a lot of the work has already been done for you – everything we learned from experience will be passed on to you directly. This benefit includes access to established products and services, preferred vendor relationships, and even pre-designed marketing tools.

Get Started with an Ensuites On Tow Franchise!
If you are ready to start with the best franchise in Brisbane, contact us today at Ensuites On Tow.

Our luxury portable bathrooms are the most comfortable and convenient in the industry. They are the perfect option for private and public events, whether it be a wedding, outdoor party, community event, or more.

There’s nothing left to do now but get started so contact us today!

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Our Top Tips for Planning Your Next Outdoor Event

If you are planning an outdoor event this year, make sure that you follow our tips to ensure that your guests have the time of their lives!

Start with a Theme
Before you consider private event higher, start by choosing the theme for your outdoor event. Whether the occasion is a birthday party, graduation, engagement or anniversary, having a theme in mind makes planning your party much easier.

Once you have an idea of what the party’s theme will be, you can then use this as your guide for styling your event. From the invitations, colour schemes, menu options right down to your music choices. Your theme can even dictate the dress code and the activities you’ll be doing during the event!

Of course, there will be a few things that need to happen regardless of the party theme, like hiring tables, chairs, and lighting but you’ll also need to make sure you have bathroom facilities available to cater for all of your guests. Ensuites On Tow’s luxury bathrooms are the perfect choice, to ensure your guests are comfortable throughout the festivities.

Be Mindful of the Time of Year
When it comes to planning an outdoor event, being mindful of the time of year is essential. The weather can sometimes be unpredictable, but you can generally guess what times of year will have more wet or hot weather.

Try to plan around the months with the most rain, so you avoid a situation where your guests are left standing outside during a storm! If you can’t avoid the risk of rain or wind altogether, make sure that you have a backup plan just in case.

Invest in a covered patio or party tent that will allow the party to continue regardless of the weather. If your gathering is going to be much smaller, it may be ideal to have an indoor space prepared just in case.

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The Top 5 Things to Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom

Renovating your bathroom is a major decision and it can be very exciting dreaming about what your new bathroom will look like, but before you begin there are a few things to consider first.

Read on to find out what planning is required to minimise downtime and ensure your new renovation runs smoothly.

1. Have Your Contractors Lined Up
First things first, you must have your contractors lined up. Bathroom renovations require several different professionals, ranging from plumbers and tilers to designers and electricians.

Don’t wait until after you start construction to start looking for a plumber or an electrician – this will only delay the completion of the project! Instead, research and interview all potential contractors beforehand so you have an idea of their timeline and the expense.

Also, by doing so, you will have a better idea about the order the contractors need to be organised in and precisely when they will be needed on site.

2. Consider the Functionality and Layout
As you get started with the design for your bathroom renovation, it can be easy to get caught up with different options you’ve seen online (Pinterest – we’re talking about you!). But, you really do need to spend some time considering the functionality and layout of the space as well as the aesthetics.

Sure, modern décor and unique vanities may look appealing, but it needs to be functional and these might not work so well for the little people in your home so think about how you will use the bathroom in your daily life. For example, do you really need a giant bathtub, or would it make more sense to have a spacious walk-in shower?

Carefully make these decisions because you don’t want to end up with a beautiful bathroom that you can’t actually use!

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Why You Need A Gold Coast Luxury Bathroom For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking. You have to plan every detail, from the flowers, food and music to where your guests will go to use the bathroom! 

This is where Gold Coast bathroom hire comes in – you can hire a luxury, accessible bathroom from us so that your guests are comfortable and can enjoy every aspect of your beautiful day. 

Read on to find our top 4 reasons for hiring a luxury bathroom from us for your wedding. 

prestige bathroom hire - mobile bathroom cost

#1 Luxurious, Clean Bathrooms for Your Guests
A luxury, clean bathroom is an essential amenity for any event. This is especially true for a wedding, where you have your closest family and friends together to celebrate your union. Chances are food and drinks will be flowing, and you want to give your wedding guests the ability to access a nice restroom at all times!

A Gold Coast luxury bathroom ensures that you have a top of the line amenity available for your wedding guests as well as the bride and groom! Often wedding venues are equipped with outdated or tired restrooms or they simply don’t have enough toilets for a large gathering. However, thanks to Gold Coast bathrooms, you can hire the exact amount of toilets you need thereby avoiding you, guests, the issue of waiting in lengthy toilet ques.

#2 Enhance the Outdoor Wedding Experience
How many times have you been to an outdoor event or wedding and found the bathroom situation to be less than desirable? Do you really want to use a porta-potty in your three-piece suit or expensive wedding gown? Would you want your guests feeling the same way? Probably not! So is you’re already working hard to provide a beautiful venue, great food, and a fun atmosphere you’ll really want your bathroom to match the event aesthetics. When you invest in a luxury bathroom for your guests they all come complete with a stylish contemporary design, spacious vanity area, and dual flushing toilet. Plus toilet hire is essential for any outdoor wedding because it will enhance the experience of your guests and provide an essential service that everyone needs!

No More Long Walks to the Bathroom
It can be frustrating to be at an outdoor wedding and realize that the closest bathrooms are a very long walk away. You don’t want to miss out on the fun, but if you have to go, you have to go!

By choosing a luxury bathroom for your wedding you then have the choice of where they are located at your event, and can engineer the easiest commute for your guests. Remember, you may have guests of all ages at your wedding so making sure your luxury bathrooms are accessible and in a well-lit area must be a top priority.

#3 Get Married Anywhere!
Another benefit of Gold Coast bathroom hire is that it makes your wedding venue options almost limitless. You can get married anywhere without having to worry about bathroom options because you can simply bring a luxury bathroom with you!

A portable toilet hire is a perfect solution for an outdoor wedding or off-grid event. It’s the perfect way for your guests to be able to enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery without having to sacrifice the ability to have access to a nice clean luxury bathroom.

#4 Ensuites On Tow is Your Top Gold Coast Bathroom Hire Company
If you are planning a wedding, contact us at Ensuites On Tow today! We provide luxury portable bathrooms for any wedding so that your guests can enjoy a comfortable and convenient alternative regardless of your venue.

When you partner with us, customer service is our top priority. We are confident that you will love the way our luxury bathrooms add a touch of class to your wedding, and your guests will love it too! Let us handle the hard work of transporting, installing, and removing the bathrooms after your wedding so you can focus on the fun stuff…like the honeymoon!

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Every Event Needs Gold Coast Toilet Hire!

If there’s one thing that almost anyone can agree on, it’s that using a public bathroom or porta-potty at an event is not a pleasant experience. That’s why every event needs Gold Coast toilet hire!

portaloo hire brisbane - temporary shower

The Cleanest, Most Luxurious Bathrooms in Australia
When you’re hosting an event, you work hard to provide an exciting and luxurious experience for your guest’s right? So why shouldn’t this include the cleanest, most luxurious bathrooms in Australia!

Our portable toilet hire service provides you with a stylish, comfortable, and practical portable bathroom solution that is far superior to the traditional porta-potty’s. Not only do our luxury toilets look great, but they also include a wide range of features that are sure to impress your guests and make it an event to remember!

How Many Toilets will you Need?
Knowing how many toilets you will need is an essential part of event planning. There are times when the venue has enough space to accommodate your entire guest list, but can only provide half of the number of bathrooms you would need to make it comfortable!

With the Gold Coast toilet hire, we work with you to determine the appropriate number of toilets needed for your event. This will eliminate long wait times and ensure that all of your guests are comfortable.

Some events may only need one portable toilet hire, but larger gatherings may require two or three of our luxury bathrooms. Whether you have 10 or 300 people at your event, our goal is to provide you with the right bathroom hire for your needs.

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Luxury Portable Ensuites for Sunshine Coast Weddings

portable bathrooms for hire - bathrooms for hire brisbane

It’s going to be the best day ever—your wedding day! You’ve picked the caterer, the floral arrangements, and the dress. Now, all that’s left are not-as-fun logistics like the wedding timeline, your rainy-day alternative, and your marriage certificate.
Unfortunately, many couples don’t think about the bathroom facilities (or lack thereof) for their Sunshine Coast wedding, and things can get messy! If there’s no clean bathroom near the venue, it can ruin your guests’ night.

You don’t want a port-a-loo or to dig a primitive hole back in the bush. This is your wedding—you want luxury. So what’s your best option? A luxury portable ensuite!

Perfect Option for Outdoor Weddings

A dependable (and clean) bathroom is necessary for any outdoor wedding. We know our clients want their guests to be comfortable, so we ensured that every bathroom was spacious to fit two people if necessary. Each luxurious ensuite is spotless and elegant—when you’re in one, it’s hard to tell it’s not a fixed structure!

Fresh and Clean Toilet Hires

Gone are the days of portable loos you can smell from meters away. Our portable toilet and bathroom for hire use an ‘auto-pumping’ waste treatment system, so your wedding will smell only like the fresh roses in the bridal bouquet.

We’ve crafted our bathrooms with you and your wedding guests in mind. To learn more about our auto pumping system and other practical features, contact us today!

Our Portable Bathroom Hire Features

We’ve designed our portable bathrooms with high-end details like a chrome towel rail, hidden cistern, and bright skylight. Depending on which product you choose, your luxury bathroom hire may include features like:

  • A beautiful, well-lit vanity
  • A full-sized shower with hot water
  • Room heating
  • A flushing toilet
  • An exterior step light

Our Black Luxury Portable Bathrooms boast the most elegant features of our product line, so we suggest this model for stylish couples hosting high-profile weddings. Check out our gallery to see more pictures of the outside and inside of our portable toilets.

Ideal for Any Size Wedding, Big or Small

When you’re choosing a portable toilet hire for your Sunshine Coast wedding, consider how many guests will be attending. For larger weddings, we suggest hiring several of our luxury bathrooms. Our team of professionals will help you decide how many toilets or bathrooms you need based on the number of attendees.

Delivered Anywhere on the Sunshine Coast

After the ceremony, you’ll need a place to touch up hair and makeup (you weren’t crying—the sea mist blew in your eyes). You can have an upscale bathroom even if your wedding takes place on the beach! That’s why we offer portable bathroom delivery to anywhere on the Sunshine Coast that is connected to a serviceable road.

And no one wants to miss the first dance or the bouquet toss while finding a distant bathroom. Our professionals will help you figure out the best location to place your portable ensuite, so it’s close enough for guests to access quickly.

Get more information about delivery and installation by talking to one of our team members today!

Excellent Portable Bathroom Service—Guaranteed

At Ensuites On Tow, we pride ourselves on our innovative products and excellent customer service. We designed our luxury portable bathrooms (LPBs) to provide the comfort and convenience of a ‘regular’ bathroom when a permanent facility wasn’t available. With nearly 20 years in business, we guarantee the best service and the most luxurious product.

Don’t settle for a portable loo at your Sunshine Coast wedding—call 1 800 ENSUITE today!

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Planning a Party? Hiring a Luxury Portable Toilet or Bathroom Should be Number One of Your To-Do List!

Restrictions have been lifted in Queensland! Weddings and events can now have up to 100 attendees! So, if you’ve been putting off an event or have a wedding that needs to be thrown, now’s the time to get moving!

An outdoor wedding or event wouldn’t be complete (or stress-free) without a luxury mobile toilet or bathroom. Selecting the right portable bathroom for your wedding or event requires careful consideration to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible.

Ensuites On Tow provides luxury mobile toilets and bathroom hire for weddings, outdoor ceremonies and receptions, as well as parties, events and functions. As far as outdoor parties go, mobile bathroom hire is one that will prove to be genuinely invaluable to the success of your special day. Your guests will appreciate the convenience of having a luxury ensuite facility nearby, and our luxury ensuites for weddings are beyond comparison.

We take the cleanliness and hygiene of our luxury mobile toilets and bathrooms seriously. Before and after every hire, our portable bathrooms are hand detailed and cleaned to spotless perfection. Our luxury line also includes top of the line ventilation system, a spacious porcelain basin and vanity, an adjustable skylight as well as bright internal and external lights, and an environmentally friendly hot water and waste management system.

Completely portable, our luxury mobile toilets are safe and sturdy no matter the terrain or location of your outdoor wedding or event. (This excludes locations only accessible via 4WD tracks.) We supply quality and sustainable facilities, capable of supporting a large number of attendees. We also install them! And after your event has finished, we pack it up! Our trained professionals carefully dismantle the unit and remove it, leaving the landscape underneath just as it was.

Quality built and cleaner than a traditional port-a-loo, our luxury toilet hires have been specifically designed to cater to you and your guests’ needs. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, corporate event, or outdoor wedding, we can deliver, install and set up your luxury portable toilet suite quickly and with no fuss. Our fully appointed luxury mobile bathrooms beat standalone port-a-potty’s any day!

Enjoy comfort, style and peace of mind with features such as:

  • A spacious ensuite fitted around a large full-sized shower
  • A sizeable semi-recessed vanity area positioned beneath a well-lit mirror
  • Thermostatically controlled room heaters for all-year-round temperature control
  • Plenty of natural light from an adjustable skylight, as well as a well-lit interior and exterior for added safety
  • A dual flushing toilet that uses an environmentally friendly and unique auto-pumping waste treatment system to eliminate bad smells!

If you’re not sure about how many portable toilets you need for your event, don’t stress! We are more than happy to help you calculate precisely how many units are required for your preferred space and guest list. Our top priority is the smooth and effortless running of your event.

Contact us to hire our luxury portable bathroom for your event today on 1800 367 848.

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Don’t Let the Lack of Luxury Toilets Derail Your Wedding

ensuite 2 you - portaloo hire brisbane

Have the venue you want for your wedding regardless of the facilities available. Don’t let the lack of amenities dissuade you from the outdoor wedding you’ve always dreamed of!

With elegant, luxury portable restrooms and toilets available for hire, there is no longer any issue that can distract from the level of comfort and privacy you and your guests will be able to enjoy throughout your reception. Choosing the right toilet or bathroom unit is essential in ensuring your event runs as smoothly as possible.

Every wedding deserves elegance and class. Hiring the best luxury toilet suites available in Australia allows you the luxury of focusing on more important things. You shouldn’t have to worry about toilets on your special day.
There is nothing easy about planning a wedding and finding facilities that will ensure you and your guests’ privacy and comfort. Everybody’s dressed up, and nobody wants to wrestle themselves out of formal attire after waiting in long lines for a subpar, stuffy porta potty. Let us take care of it all for one less stress on your special day with indulgent amenities.

Our luxury portable toilets and ensuites boast deluxe comfort with more features than you can possibly imagine. A pleasure to use both in functionality and style, these executive rentals have been specifically designed and built to cater to your every need.
Choosing the right portable bathroom hire will prove invaluable to the success of your special day. As a professional portable bathroom and luxury toilet supplier and installation service, we provide the quality and convenience you need to make your special day all that more magical.

prestige bathroom hire - temporary shower

Experience the luxurious features that make our portable bathrooms industry leading:

Ducted Air Conditioning:
Worry not about sweat and discomfort. Cool air keeps our bathrooms fresh and clean for a pleasant experience, regardless of the weather outside.

Hands Free Pedal Push:
Maintain your hygiene and cleanliness with a hands-free pedal that ensures the health and safety of all your guests.

Bluetooth Sound System:
Don’t miss a beat when you’re in the loo. Continue enjoying the music whilst you’re away from the dance floor and listen out for any announcement or speeches with ceiling mounted speakers.

Internal and External Lighting:
Don’t let the sun go down on your perfect evening without lighting that ensures the comfort and safety of you and your guests. Well-lit both inside and out, find your way around the unit no matter the time of day (and night).

Porch Style Steps with Landing:
Avoid the mess of wet grass or ground that can arise beneath a stationary portable bathroom with easy access to each toilet unit via and off-the-ground entryway and landing.

No matter the location: beach, garden, park, or meadow; your guests will be impressed by the superior toilet facilities on offer. Whether your guest list is 10 people or 100 (once we’re safely out of quarantine) we have the team and units required to get the job done.

Trust us with your special day and allow our professional and experienced team to make your day all that more magical. With plenty of features that will make you feel like you’re in your ensuite at home, contact Ensuites on Tow today for deluxe outdoor toilet and bathroom hire for weddings today. for more information visit our sister site on these luxury spa suite trailers

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How Portable Toilets And Bathrooms Can Improve Your Wedding

Weddings are one of the biggest days of your life where you get to marry the love of your life and spend each minute among family and friends. However, there are a lot of things to consider for the big day including the dress, the rings and the portable toilets!

Will I need a portable toilet or a portable bathroom? 

Depending on your needs we can arrange for portable toilets or portable bathrooms to be provided for your wedding. If your event is only going to last a few hours at a given location then portable toilets may be the way to go.

If you are planning on staying at a venue overnight and have multiple guests that will need facilities the following day then portable bathrooms would be the best option. We can also provide disabled access bathrooms if some of your guests have special requirements. 

Can I hire portable toilets for an outdoor wedding? 

We can definitely provide portable toilets and bathrooms for outdoor weddings. Our hire options are perfect for outdoor events to help your guests stay comfortable and for your wedding to go smoothly.

With fully functioning facilities including flushing toilets, lighting and more you could have your wedding out in the bush and still have all the luxuries of home. It is the perfect way to have your wedding at any venue you choose! 

Will my guests be comfortable using your portable toilets and bathrooms? 

Our portable toilets and bathrooms come with a range of creature comforts to help them relax and enjoy your special day. These include power points for devices in our portable bathrooms, a clean and fresh environment, toiletries such as toilet paper and soap, areas for towels in our bathrooms and much more!

If you are looking for the perfect outdoor portable toilets and bathrooms for your wedding then give us a call today on 1800 367 848.

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Ensuites on Tow’s award winning luxury portable bathrooms, toilets and hot showers have been specially designed to ensure you, your family and/or guests enjoy the convenience, comfort and safety of a clean, hygienic, fully appointed portable bathroom.

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