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Every Event Needs Gold Coast Toilet Hire!

If there’s one thing that almost anyone can agree on, it’s that using a public bathroom or porta-potty at an event is not a pleasant experience. That’s why every event needs Gold Coast toilet hire!

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The Cleanest, Most Luxurious Bathrooms in Australia
When you’re hosting an event, you work hard to provide an exciting and luxurious experience for your guest’s right? So why shouldn’t this include the cleanest, most luxurious bathrooms in Australia!

Our portable toilet hire service provides you with a stylish, comfortable, and practical portable bathroom solution that is far superior to the traditional porta-potty’s. Not only do our luxury toilets look great, but they also include a wide range of features that are sure to impress your guests and make it an event to remember!

How Many Toilets will you Need?
Knowing how many toilets you will need is an essential part of event planning. There are times when the venue has enough space to accommodate your entire guest list, but can only provide half of the number of bathrooms you would need to make it comfortable!

With the Gold Coast toilet hire, we work with you to determine the appropriate number of toilets needed for your event. This will eliminate long wait times and ensure that all of your guests are comfortable.

Some events may only need one portable toilet hire, but larger gatherings may require two or three of our luxury bathrooms. Whether you have 10 or 300 people at your event, our goal is to provide you with the right bathroom hire for your needs.

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Luxury Portable Ensuites for Sunshine Coast Weddings

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It’s going to be the best day ever—your wedding day! You’ve picked the caterer, the floral arrangements, and the dress. Now, all that’s left are not-as-fun logistics like the wedding timeline, your rainy-day alternative, and your marriage certificate.
Unfortunately, many couples don’t think about the bathroom facilities (or lack thereof) for their Sunshine Coast wedding, and things can get messy! If there’s no clean bathroom near the venue, it can ruin your guests’ night.

You don’t want a port-a-loo or to dig a primitive hole back in the bush. This is your wedding—you want luxury. So what’s your best option? A luxury portable ensuite!

Perfect Option for Outdoor Weddings

A dependable (and clean) bathroom is necessary for any outdoor wedding. We know our clients want their guests to be comfortable, so we ensured that every bathroom was spacious to fit two people if necessary. Each luxurious ensuite is spotless and elegant—when you’re in one, it’s hard to tell it’s not a fixed structure!

Fresh and Clean Toilet Hires

Gone are the days of portable loos you can smell from meters away. Our portable toilet and bathroom for hire use an ‘auto-pumping’ waste treatment system, so your wedding will smell only like the fresh roses in the bridal bouquet.

We’ve crafted our bathrooms with you and your wedding guests in mind. To learn more about our auto pumping system and other practical features, contact us today!

Our Portable Bathroom Hire Features

We’ve designed our portable bathrooms with high-end details like a chrome towel rail, hidden cistern, and bright skylight. Depending on which product you choose, your luxury bathroom hire may include features like:

  • A beautiful, well-lit vanity
  • A full-sized shower with hot water
  • Room heating
  • A flushing toilet
  • An exterior step light

Our Black Luxury Portable Bathrooms boast the most elegant features of our product line, so we suggest this model for stylish couples hosting high-profile weddings. Check out our gallery to see more pictures of the outside and inside of our portable toilets.

Ideal for Any Size Wedding, Big or Small

When you’re choosing a portable toilet hire for your Sunshine Coast wedding, consider how many guests will be attending. For larger weddings, we suggest hiring several of our luxury bathrooms. Our team of professionals will help you decide how many toilets or bathrooms you need based on the number of attendees.

Delivered Anywhere on the Sunshine Coast

After the ceremony, you’ll need a place to touch up hair and makeup (you weren’t crying—the sea mist blew in your eyes). You can have an upscale bathroom even if your wedding takes place on the beach! That’s why we offer portable bathroom delivery to anywhere on the Sunshine Coast that is connected to a serviceable road.

And no one wants to miss the first dance or the bouquet toss while finding a distant bathroom. Our professionals will help you figure out the best location to place your portable ensuite, so it’s close enough for guests to access quickly.

Get more information about delivery and installation by talking to one of our team members today!

Excellent Portable Bathroom Service—Guaranteed

At Ensuites On Tow, we pride ourselves on our innovative products and excellent customer service. We designed our luxury portable bathrooms (LPBs) to provide the comfort and convenience of a ‘regular’ bathroom when a permanent facility wasn’t available. With nearly 20 years in business, we guarantee the best service and the most luxurious product.

Don’t settle for a portable loo at your Sunshine Coast wedding—call 1 800 ENSUITE today!

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Organising Toilet Hire For Events

Hosting an event is a massive job. Let’s face it; you have too many things on your mind without having to worry about the toilets on top of that. Luckily, we’ve made it easy to hire portable toilets for your event with some information that will help you get started!

When to book toilet hire for events

Booking your portable toilets should be done as soon as you know the date and location that your event will be held at. This ensures that you don’t miss out on providing your guests with those much needed facilities to keep them comfortable.

If you leave booking your toilets until it is just before the event you could find yourself in short supply or with a different unit. Therefore, it is important that you don’t miss out for the sake of your guests.

Types of toilet hire for events

We provide a range of toilet hire options for a number of events whether you are glamping, hosting a concert or providing your employees with a work retreat. Our portable toilets come with full flushing facilities, lighting, power, vanities and much more!

Your portable toilet options include our premium portable toilets, portable bathrooms and luxury toilet trailers. Our premium portable toilets are great for small groups while our portable bathrooms are excellent for trips away from home. Finally, our luxury toilet trailers are the perfect match for large events and corporate functions that require a little more finesse.

The number of toilets needed

The number of toilets you will need will depend on the number of guests you anticipate will come to your event. It is always better to have too many than too few as lines to go to the loo can become rather long.

If you anticipate less than 100 people our premium portable toilets and bathrooms are a great option. For larger numbers of guests our luxury toilet trailers come in 2, 3 and 4 stall units with the largest catering up to 400 guests. If you have trouble figuring out the numbers for your event we are always happy to help during your booking!

Flexible toilet hire options

There is nothing worse than rigid rules, that’s why we provide flexible hire options! If things change later down the track with your event we can always extend your hire period if you need your portable toilets longer than expected.

Make sure that if things do change that you notify us as soon as possible so that we can make the arrangements for you. This will allow us to stay up to date on your hire and you can continue to cater to your guests without issue.

The affordability of toilet hire for events

Hosting an event can be expensive but at least the portable toilets make it affordable! How you ask? Well, portable toilets allow you to host your event anywhere. Whether you are having a concert at the local park, showgrounds or glamping in the wilderness a portable toilet can always accompany you.

Hosting your event outside also saves you money on venue costs, which can be pretty expensive. An indoor venue may not be the best spot for your event either, as it limits the number of guests you can accommodate, especially if you are considering hosting a concert. In this, your portable toilet hire practically pays for itself as an outdoor event will provide you with more paying guests!

Organising your toilet hire for events is easy when you book in with us. Give us a call today on 1800 367 848.

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Don’t Let the Lack of Luxury Toilets Derail Your Wedding

ensuite 2 you - portaloo hire brisbane

Have the venue you want for your wedding regardless of the facilities available. Don’t let the lack of amenities dissuade you from the outdoor wedding you’ve always dreamed of!

With elegant, luxury portable restrooms and toilets available for hire, there is no longer any issue that can distract from the level of comfort and privacy you and your guests will be able to enjoy throughout your reception. Choosing the right toilet or bathroom unit is essential in ensuring your event runs as smoothly as possible.

Every wedding deserves elegance and class. Hiring the best luxury toilet suites available in Australia allows you the luxury of focusing on more important things. You shouldn’t have to worry about toilets on your special day.
There is nothing easy about planning a wedding and finding facilities that will ensure you and your guests’ privacy and comfort. Everybody’s dressed up, and nobody wants to wrestle themselves out of formal attire after waiting in long lines for a subpar, stuffy porta potty. Let us take care of it all for one less stress on your special day with indulgent amenities.

Our luxury portable toilets and ensuites boast deluxe comfort with more features than you can possibly imagine. A pleasure to use both in functionality and style, these executive rentals have been specifically designed and built to cater to your every need.
Choosing the right portable bathroom hire will prove invaluable to the success of your special day. As a professional portable bathroom and luxury toilet supplier and installation service, we provide the quality and convenience you need to make your special day all that more magical.

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Experience the luxurious features that make our portable bathrooms industry leading:

Ducted Air Conditioning:
Worry not about sweat and discomfort. Cool air keeps our bathrooms fresh and clean for a pleasant experience, regardless of the weather outside.

Hands Free Pedal Push:
Maintain your hygiene and cleanliness with a hands-free pedal that ensures the health and safety of all your guests.

Bluetooth Sound System:
Don’t miss a beat when you’re in the loo. Continue enjoying the music whilst you’re away from the dance floor and listen out for any announcement or speeches with ceiling mounted speakers.

Internal and External Lighting:
Don’t let the sun go down on your perfect evening without lighting that ensures the comfort and safety of you and your guests. Well-lit both inside and out, find your way around the unit no matter the time of day (and night).

Porch Style Steps with Landing:
Avoid the mess of wet grass or ground that can arise beneath a stationary portable bathroom with easy access to each toilet unit via and off-the-ground entryway and landing.

No matter the location: beach, garden, park, or meadow; your guests will be impressed by the superior toilet facilities on offer. Whether your guest list is 10 people or 100 (once we’re safely out of quarantine) we have the team and units required to get the job done.

Trust us with your special day and allow our professional and experienced team to make your day all that more magical. With plenty of features that will make you feel like you’re in your ensuite at home, contact Ensuites on Tow today for deluxe outdoor toilet and bathroom hire for weddings today. for more information visit our sister site on these luxury spa suite trailers

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The Benefits Of Portable Toilets At Events

When you go to a huge event that is happening over 2 to 3 days you will usually see a line up of portable toilets with another line of people waiting to use them. For this reason portable toilets are indispensable at any event and the more the merrier!

Why portable toilets are important at events 

Portable toilets are important at events for multiple reasons. These include keeping your guests comfortable, keeping your guests happy and allowing them to access facilities that would be commonplace everywhere else.

Portable toilets are also a necessity during any large event as it is a health and safety regulation to provide an adequate amount of toilets for your guests. If you do not provide toilets you will have fewer guests and will face serious fines from the health and safety department. 

Catering for guests 

Portable toilets allow you to cater for your guests during your event but it is important to provide the right amount of portable toilets to cater for everyone. There is nothing worse than missing out on a great show because there are only 3 toilets and 300 people waiting in line.

Before ordering portable toilets for your event it is important to calculate how many guests you might have and calculating the right amount of toilets to handle the amount of people. As a general rule you may want to allocate more toilets to women as there are generally more that go to the toilet at the same time. 

How Ensuites On Tow makes your event effortless 

When you order portable toilets from us we don’t just provide the toilets, we provide a service. This allows you to worry about other areas of your event while we get to work with your order.

We deliver to your event site and set our portable toilets up in the location of your choice and we will also help you in calculating how many toilets you may need to order. This will help your event run smoothly and keep your guests happy.

Contact us to hire portable toilets for your event on 1800 367 848.

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Hiring Portable Toilets And Bathrooms Under Insurance

It is never a good thing when your home is damaged or destroyed. That’s why it is important to have the right home insurance for you and your family so you aren’t struggling when you need help the most. One way to help your family during this time is to hire portable toilets or bathrooms.

When would I need to hire portable toilets under insurance? 

When your home is unlivable or your bathroom is unable to be used is the best time to hire portable toilets and bathrooms. This can be when your bathroom pipes have burst making it unsafe or if your home has been destroyed by a natural disaster such as a fire or flood.

If you can’t leave your property for any reason portable toilets are able to help you stay comfortable while you focus on repairing your home. They can be claimed as temporary accommodation and may be a more viable option than moving your whole family to a rental or hotel. 

How long will I need the portable toilets? 

Depending on the damage to your home will depend on the amount of time you will need your portable toilet hire for. If your bathroom is the only part of your home that is affected you may only need your hire for a week or two until it is fixed.

If your home has been completely destroyed and you need to build it from the ground up you may need your portable toilet hire for up to a year. Claiming portable toilet hire in either case can save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Will my insurance allow me to claim the portable toilets? 

You will be able to claim portable toilet and bathroom hire depending on your insurance policy. It should come under the temporary accommodation area of your policy but it is important to double check if you can claim and are covered.

Having enough insurance for when you need it most is very important to keep your family out of strife. If you are under insured then your policy won’t be able to cover all that you need it to. Therefore you are better off insuring the right amount or over insuring just to be safe.

Contact us for portable toilet hire options today on 1800 367 848.

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The Benefits Of Providing A Glamping Experience For Your Staff

Glamping is a new form of escape that is taking Australia by storm. Not many people get to journey into the wilderness and enjoy the outdoors cause they either don’t have the time or don’t want the stress and lackluster of camping.

The difference between camping and glamping 

The term that comes to mind when you think of camping is ‘effort’. You need to buy food, pack everything then set it all out when you get there and take it all down again when you leave. Who wants that?!

Glamping offers a different experience similar to that of a hotel but outdoors. This is both more relaxing and less stressful than a camping trip. You also don’t have to rough it. With proper bedding, portable bathrooms, food cooked for you and all the creature comforts of home glamping is definitely the better way to get outdoors! 

The benefits of rewarding your workforce 

Rewarding your workforce has many benefits on many levels. For starters, it shows that you care about your staff and the work they do. This, in turn, boosts morale and makes your staff want to do their best for the business. It also gives them something to look forward to which improves mental health in the workplace.

Rewarding your staff with a glamping trip will give them a different experience that they will remember for years to come. You can let them relax as well as incorporate team work activities to strengthen the bonds between each individual. 

Why portable bathrooms for hire are great for glamping 

In the remote outdoors it can be hard to find proper toilet facilities. That is why portable bathrooms for hire Brisbane are a necessity when it comes to glamping. It allows you to enjoy full flushing toilets as well as hot showers to keep you and your team comfortable.

Our portable bathrooms for hire Brisbane also come with power outlets and the ability to be connected to mains or generators meaning your staff can dry their hair, use a straightener, plug in their phones and more!

If you are planning a corporate glamping experience for your workforce contact us for beautiful portable bathrooms for hire Brisbane on 1800 367 848.

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How Home Insurance And Portable Toilets Can Help In A Crisis

In Australia, we face many crisis situations including floods, cyclones, fires and drought. Therefore, with so many natural disasters waiting to tear us down, it is important to be prepared and have policies in place to protect you and your family if the worst should happen.

The benefits of home insurance

The first thing you should do when purchasing a home is taking out home insurance. This should cover you when your home is damaged by fires, floods or some other event. It also provides you and your family security if you have lost your home during a natural disaster.

Depending on your provider your home insurance will cover the loss or damage of your property, provide temporary accommodation if you have lost your home and some insurance companies will even provide guarantees on their repairs.

The benefits of Brisbane portable toilet hire

Brisbane portable toilet hire and bathrooms are very convenient when you have lost part of or your entire home. They allow people to stay at their property even in times of crisis. This is especially useful for those who have livestock or other reasons they can’t leave the property for extended periods without money or help.

Our Brisbane portable toilets and bathrooms are made for short and long term hire with comfort in mind. So if your bathroom is out of order you can still maintain some normality when everything around you is in upheaval.

How you can claim Brisbane portable toilet hire in a crisis

The first thing to do is check what your insurance covers and see whether you are able to claim temporary accommodation. Our Brisbane portable toilet hire options may be covered under temporary accommodation if you wish to stay on your property when your home is damaged or destroyed.

We are the preferred supplier of portable toilets and bathrooms for insurance companies with AIG accreditation. So when a natural disaster has affected Australians we help those in need wherever we can. We can even deliver portable toilets to regional areas if needed.

If you have been affected by a natural disaster, fire or flood contact your insurance company or give us a call for more information about claiming your hire on 1800 367 848.

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