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Delivery Checklist

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    PHS 30 min PPT 30 min LPB 30 min Selfie 30 min Deluxe 60 min AAE 60 MIn CPT 15 min
    Ensure that all jockey wheels, jacks and stands are secured correctly and can not collapse or drop down. Use timber or plastic pads under feet on soft ground.
    Ensure all hazards are isolated where possible. Photograph and inform customer of any possible hazards present or that may present themselves during the hire period.
    Have power leads been hung off the ground where possible using appropiate hangers, excess lead stored safely and leads free from getting damaged during the hire.
    Once electriicity has been on, trip and safety switches and reset to ensure they are functioning correctly
    Ensure fresh water hoses are flushed before connecting to equipment.
    Ensure the waste hose is secured corrctly and can drain properley. Avoid placing the waste hose where it can be tripped over.
    Take photo
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