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Bathroom System

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Australian and New Zealand Patent Protection

Having a registered Patent on our design stops other companies from building, selling or hiring a portable bathroom that is the same as our design. Before building a product they may breech our Patent it is strongly advised that you seek legal advice. If you are found to be in breach of our Patent you may find yourself in a legal and financial predicament. Our Patent No. 2004290609 can be found online at IP Australia.

Why a Patent?

A Patent on a design protects the inventor’s investment in research and development  from being exploited by others


A Patent consists of several drawings and designs relating to the invention.  The drawings may differ of the final product however it is the overall design and workings of the invention that stipulates the Patent Protected.

The Law

If a person is found to be exploiting a Patent they may find that they have broken a law and again finding themselves becoming part of legal proceedings to order to protect the Patent

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